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Multipurpose Room Bookings

*Please call ahead to book  the multipurpose room.

We cannot guarantee its availability

unless reserved ahead of time*


The Headingley Municipal Library meeting room is generally available for use during open library hours. No individual or organization will be allowed to use the facilities when the library is closed to the public.  Consideration is also given to the availability of public meeting space at the Headingley Community Centre and Phoenix Community Centre.  The library will not make the meeting room available to individuals or organizations that can be accommodated by these venues.


The Library’s primary role is to foster lifelong learning and literacy development.  Paramount to this mandate is the provision of a facility that demonstrates a welcoming atmosphere encouraging interaction, conversation and networking.  The library encourages the general public and community organizations to make use of its space for activities that are compatible with the goals and objectives of the library.


  • The Headingley Municipal Library Board related functions will be given first priority regarding the use of the meeting room.
  • The multipurpose room (MPR) is intended for community and educational use.  The room is not available for private social functions, business or revenue-generating enterprises.
  • The organization or individual wishing to book the meeting room must inform the library staff of the intended use of the room (i.e., presentation, meeting, activity, etc.).  The Headingley Library reserves the right to restrict the use of the meeting room space to activities appropriate to the space.
  • Activities taking place in the meeting room must not interefere with normal library operations.  Meetings are to be contained within the MPR and may not flow into other areas of the library.
  • Staff has the discretion to limit use of electronic devices that utilize the library’s wifi connection.
  • Room occupancy is limited to 10 persons or less.
  • Any audio/visual equipment required by the user must be supplied by that individual or organization.
  • Events/programs must be supervised to maintain good order, discipline and safety during the use of the meeting room.  Children’s groups must be adequately supervised at all times.
  • Groups are responsible for leaving the room in its original state.
  • Events and programs must be supervised to maintain good order, discipline and safety in the use of the meeting room and children’s craft room in the basement.  Children’s groups using the room(s) must be adequately supervised by adults at all times.
  • The organization/individual responsible for booking the meeting room will be held responsible for any and all damage that may occur during use.
  • All food/beverage arrangements must be approved by the library staff in advance.  Set-up and clean up are the responsibility of the meeting room user.
  • Use of Library equipment and supplies (coffeemaker, microwave, refrigerator, etc.) is not included with use of the room.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the library.
  • Attendees should be made aware of fire evacuation procedures.
  • Permission to use the library meeting room may be withheld from groups or individuals who fail to comply with the rules of this policy.
  • The library will not be responsible for lost or damaged materials resulting from the use of the meeting room.
  • All bookings for the meeting room will be coordinated by library staff and may be made in person, by telephone or by email.
  • The use of the meeting room by any group or organization does not constitute an endorsement by the library.

Revised November 2017

The Library Board shall review this policy a minimum of every 2 years.