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Headingley Library Storytime and Craft

Headingley Library Storytime and Craft

Last Updated 2021/10/28

Starting on November 8th, we will be offering in-person storytime on Tuesday and Thursdays at 10:30AM and 1:00PM. Each sessions has a limited number of available spots. All caregivers must

2021 Summer Programs

Last Updated 2021/07/07

We’re excited to offer a wide range of online activities for kids this summer. You can register for one of our drawing lessons or crafts. Please email us at

Summer Storytime

Last Updated 2021/07/07

Every Wednesday at 10:30AM throughout the summer, I’ll be running a storytime on Instagram Live. We’ll read a couple of books brand new to our collection with songs or stretches

Summertime Sleepers: Animals That Estivate by Melissa Stewart (illustrated by Sarah S. Brannen)

Last Updated 2021/07/07

I had never heard the word “estivate” until I learned about this book by one of my favorite nonfiction authors Melissa Stewart (illustrated by Sarah S. Brannen). Estivation is like

Elvis, Me, and the Lemonade Stand by Leslie Gentile

Last Updated 2021/07/07

I can tell you right now that this will likely be my favourite book of the summer, and it will make my list of top favourites for 2021. It’s 1978,

Biology for Kids by Liz Lee Heinecke

Last Updated 2021/07/07

Here’s a book that’s excellent for kids interested in doing experiments. Each of the 25 labs starts with a short biography about a scientist in the field of biology, followed

Be A Tree! by Maria Gianferrari (illustrated by Felicita Sala)

Last Updated 2021/07/07

This beautiful book looks at the similarities between trees and human, and also how trees can inspire us to care for each other in better ways. Trees share, support, communicate,

Rescue at Lake Wild by Terry Lynn Johnson

Last Updated 2021/07/07

I love Terry Lynn Johnson’s books, and I’ll read anything that she writes. This story is a lower MG read about three friends who find some orphaned beaver kits, and

New Graphic Novels!

Last Updated 2021/06/25

Did you know we’ve added or ordered over 60 new graphic novels in the past few months? Since they are so popular and have holds on them, they rarely end

I’ve Got A Tail by Julie Murphy (illustrated by Hannah Tolson)

Last Updated 2021/06/22

Learn more about how different animals use their tails in this new nonfiction picture book. See which tails shimmer, spin, sting, and grip, and more! This book is great for