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Trouble With Tattle-Tails by Jonathan Auxier (illustrated by Olga Demidova)

TROUBLE WITH TATTLE-TAILS is the second chapter book in The Fabled Stables by one of my favorite authors, Jonathan Auxier (known for his middle-grade books like The Night Gardener, Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes, and Sweep) and illustrated by talented Olga Demidova

Auggie takes care of the unique creatures at the Fabled Stables. When a new stall magically appears, he knows there’s a beast he must rescue. This time, the creature is a Tattle-Tail. Except there isn’t just one Tattle-Tail needing rescue, but a whole bunch of townspeople who need to be saved from a lot of trouble-making Tattle-Tails! Find out how Auggie and his friend restore order and help find a stolen pot of gold in the process.

The first book in the series is Willa the Wisp (who also makes an appearance in this book) and the third book, Belly of the Beast is scheduled for release in Feb 2022.